About Patrinum

Patrinum, for PATRImoine NUMérique, is a platform proposed by the Cantonal and University Library (BCUL) with two main aims : to provide access to the collections of its archive services and to enable the long-term preservation of digital documents, in particular those relating to Vaud's digital legal deposit but also academic publications. Searching on this platform is also possible from Renouvaud's discovery tool from which you will search all the resources of the Renouvaud network.

The collections on Patrinum

Patrinum, for whom?

The documents on this platform are intended for researchers and the general public. However, some information or documents are subject to legal or contractual restrictions and special access rights may be required to access them. To obtain such rights, please contact the person in charge of the corresponding collection.


You will find on this page the contacts for questions related to Patrinum or the collections found there.